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Orbit Racing

Released Every Term

Welcome to our End of Term newsletters, this is where you will be bale to get updates on what we have acomplished each term. They will be available on our website at, on our Instagram and via PDF which will be sent out by email and our other social media. Enjoy the read!

Halloween Mid-Term Newsletter
1 Nov, 2022

How our team was formed, The first steps that we are taking and the start of our community outreach. All of this covered in our very first End of Term Newsletter.

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Christmas Holiday Newsletter
16 Jan, 2023

A glimpse into the massive jump we've made since October, There's a lot to cover from the completion of our 5 Page Plan to the Development of our team's car in preperation for the regional finals.

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About Us

We are a team of five transition year students competing in F1 in Schools Ireland, this is our first year of what we hope will be a long journey. We are only the second team in are school to be competing in this competition.